Monday, August 15, 2011

Youths outreaches

Infidel Dogs,

I have a fine idea that will reach out to the young infidel sons of apes and pigs who admire the blasphemous Danish caricatures. The lyrics I've composed “Fat Bottommed Girls” will need to be translated into German. I've translated them into English for you. Of course the Arabic version is more beautiful and transcibing them into the monkey-tongue you speak doesn't do them justice, but they are still better than the pornographic trash your anthems are.

Face to the east five times a day,
'Cause that's where us Moslems point to pray.
Put some bags on your sluts and whores.
When you let them wander around outdoors.
Don't worry about looking like a loon,
Scream if you see a Prophet cartoon.
Sharpen your knife to saw off a head,
'Cause the Religion of Peace likes their infidels dead.
Wipe your butts with the proper hand,
Cause the Umma's come to the Fatherland.


all together now,
Wipe your butts with the proper hand,
The umma's come to the Fatherland.

A guest post by Abdullah

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