Sunday, August 14, 2011

American armies are only for Sodomy

Watch out for your sons and for unexpected results, the Army is not a school of Men anymore, nowadays we can't trust anyone, not even Oncle Sam's Army.
Don't let your children go near recruiters! A sick apparent twist on the "don't ask, don't tell" policy of the US military has found Captain Devery L. Taylor of Florida's Eglin US Air Force base charged with multiple "gay" rape counts. According to, Cap'n Taylor, "chief of patient administration for the 96th Medical Support Squadron," has been hit with a wall of charges:
"two counts of attempted sodomy, four counts of forcible sodomy, three counts of kidnapping by holding someone against his will and one count of unlawful entry." Claims the Air Force mouthpiece, "if convicted on all charges, Taylor could be sentenced to life in prison without parole and dismissal from the Air Force...Base officials said that six different individuals have come forward with accusations against Taylor.

"While such horrific charges against a ranking officer are difficult to contemplate, they join the ongoing series of sex crimes laid at the door of the increasingly-mercenary US armed services. A Japanese court jailed a Black sailor for a sex-related murder on June 2 (2006), merely one of a generational series of sex assaults carried out on Japanese women by US servicemen since the end of WWII.In Ukiah, California two young women are suing the Marine Corps after a pair of recruiters -- one, ironically, a Japanese-American -- allegedly had sexual contact with them. According to reports, one of the women was infected with an STD as a result of the coerced sex.The Abu Ghraib scandal still resonates among the world's people, outraged at the homosexual-tinged abuse of jailed Iraqis at the hands of US servicemen -- with possible Israeli direction. In a magnificent display of organic resistance, parents and students alike, coast-to-coast have joined together in opposition to on-campus recruitment of young people. With our children slated to die for Zionist, neocon interests in the Middle East this activity is key to opposing the Israeli control of our foreign policy, and dovetails with opposition to the politically-correct madness that allows the presence of homosexuals in the armed services.
As we said back in March (2006): As many people know, service for Uncle Sam, which now replaces patriotism and honor with mercenary incentives, often has a corrosive moral effect on some, as the numerous homeless and psychologically crippled vets on the streets of America attest. One ex-Marine told "The Marine Corps is like a frat party in between the hard work. For the most part, they are irresponsible, alcoholic, sex addicts. The married Marines that I served with didn't think twice about cheating on their spouses during deployments. And speaking of deployments, if the U.S. military ever gets disbanded, the worldwide brothel industry would shut down overnight.
The behavior of my fellow Marines in Thailand I found to be utterly repulsive. What a shame it is to have de facto ambassadors of the United States -- i.e., the people who 'represent' America to foreigners -- behaving in such a way. Hedonists with guns. That's the Marine Corps."

Guest post by A Young European

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