Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It must be Tea Party Terrorists AGAIN!

Toilet explodes at GSA building, injuring at least one employee
After a toilet exploded at a General Services Administration building, sending a female employee to the hospital with serious injuries, the bathrooms were declared off limits.
I think there's unspoken racism behind it.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Infidel Dogs, Large parts of Europe are already part of the Caliphate, Spain and the Balkans for example. They have existed in misery and poverty ever since being shamefully deprived of their proper place in the Ummah. However, soon they shall again flourish under the enlightened rule of the Shiara.As for the rest of Europe, if that Little Ice Age hadn't ended so damned soon, it too would have come under our benevolent yoke. Shortly, we shall correct that tragedy.BYW, don't forget to send your Jizya to the local Mosque.

A guest post by Abdullah

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Why Are they Even Allowed to Exist?

In the 1930s, when the Nazis ruled Germany, Reinhard Heydrich was at the head of the Gestapo (the Third Reich's Secret State Police) - an organisation whose major aim was to spy on the German people.

In the 1980s, when the Communists still ruled East Germany, Erich Mielke was at the head of the Stasi (East Germany's Secret State Police) - an organisation whose major aim was to spy on the East German people.

In 2011 Rupert Murdoch is at the head of News Corp. - an organisation whose aims I don't know.

However, having watched FOX NEWS, I am absolutely sure that balanced reporting of political issues to a broad audience is certainly NOT among the aims of News Corp.

So what are the aims of News Corp.?
And how dangerous is News Corp. for all freedom-loving citizens?

Crush their right to speak for the good of society! Get angry, people!!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Be Warm in Charity

Infidel Dogs,

Praise be to Allah, but your words are pleasing. They were like poetry and each thing you said was true. Indeed, the muhajadeen, if they were armed with tanks, rocket planes and the bombs with the electric eyeballs in them would sweep the Crusaders from all of the earth and peace would at last reign. Well, peace would reign after the faithful slaughtered the apostate Shias and Suffis, but that is another matter. Alas, we but are poor Sons of the Desert. All we have is oil, and the proceeds of that must go to important things -- like paying mullahs to spread the word of our peaceful religion, and also the purchasing of bomb belts, RPGs and cameras for us to record head removals. Perhaps you could do your impoverished Islamic friends a favor and buy us an anti-aircraft battery or two?

We come in Peace.

- A guest post by Abdullah

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

That Time of The Year Again

Well, we all know what time of the year it is. Now, now hear me out before you get all reactionary. Everyone knows the Waynester is an ardent environmentalists. I feel that being one with nature is the absolute only way the collective "we" can ever begin to learn to release our inner-nurturer.

Each year on New Years Eve we are witness to and virtually participate in a destruction on a global scale. I am talking about the so-called waste of energy and natural resources (yes, they are nature's resources. NOT OURS!!!) on the ball drop and neon which is Times Square. I know that Manhattan is the center of progrssive learning, culture, and knowledge. However, it blows my mind that such a group of clear-feeling and sound people can act in such a destructive manner. People have told me the crowds filling Times Square and cheering the unwraught destruction are mainly tourists (probably from the South, thanks again Bush!). Still, somebody should DO SOMETHING.

This is the environment we are talking about people. TAKE ACTION, GET ANGRY OUT THERE.

Don't worry it has not escaped my attention that this whole environmental destruction in New York really took off after Skylab was mysteriously dropped out of the sky. Just after discovering the still-growing ozone hole. Quickly followed by the concerted (and still unsolved) assassination of John Lennon. You connect the dots.

A hint from the Waynester, RONALD REAGAN WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN ELECTED HAD LENNON NOT BEEN SHOT. All too convienient for the press to give BushCo a lietime pass on answering any questions about Harkin Energy.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Hate is One Mouse-Click Away

Rarely do I find such nonsense on the internet. A blogger using the name Michelle Malkin takes the New York Times to task for having a few details wrong regarding the hideoues torture taking place in our name at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

Ms. Malkin misses the point entirely. While Ali Shalal Qaissi is not the person who posed for the infamous depiction of cruelty in Iraq, HE COULD HAVE BEEN!!!!

Wake up people!!! It is time we liberals took back our country!

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Friday, September 02, 2011

Slate, No More!!!

I am calling for a boycott, some grassroots action, people!

As many of you know, I am an organic farmer in Northern Virginia. Just trying to eek out a living. Anyhow, I came across this piece in Slate by what I thought was the liberal writer Field Maloney... Man, he has gone so paleo-conservative on us! Just read this nonsense:

"'s another technical point that Whole Foods fails to mention and that highlights what has gone wrong with the organic-food movement in the last couple of decades. Let's say you live in New York City and want to buy a pound of tomatoes in season. Say you can choose between conventionally grown New Jersey tomatoes or organic ones grown in Chile. Of course, the New Jersey tomatoes will be cheaper. They will also almost certainly be fresher, having traveled a fraction of the distance. But which is the more eco-conscious choice? In terms of energy savings, there's no contest: Just think of the fossil fuels expended getting those organic tomatoes from Chile. Which brings us to the question: Setting aside freshness, price, and energy conservation, should a New Yorker just instinctively choose organic, even if the produce comes from Chile? A tough decision, but you can make a self-interested case for the social and economic benefit of going Jersey, especially if you prefer passing fields of tomatoes to fields of condominiums when you tour the Garden State."

What nerve! Who does he think he is? Is it all just about energy calculi, reason, and logic, Field?!? Huh? No! There is principle at stake here, Field. Organic is right for the environment, for the consumer, for Max, for everyone, and the government needs to start making regulations to that end; that is THE point. One more failure by Bush and Co. Surprise, surprise...

Thursday, September 01, 2011

My very own orgasmatron

a.k.a. back breaking labor:

In an attempt to reduce personal relationships to social functions, Soviet literature has always kept silent on the subject of sex. A family has been considered the primary cell of society, where good workers and citizens are fashioned, or as a factory producing the happy generations of the future. The only sexual motifs to be found in many Soviet classics are those implanted in scenes of labor.

In Boris Gorbatov's novel Donbass, the coal miner Victor Abrosimov descends into the mine in order to experience the piercing enjoyment of drilling:

He got down on his knees before the wall of coal and switched on his hammer. A familiar tremor of joy rolled over his hands and then embraced all his body... His dream came true and the body of coal lay before him submissively as the miner was free to let himself go. The solid wall of untouched black forest moved excitingly close to him, enticing and luring him. Suddenly Viktor Abrosimov felt his muscles fill with daring, previously unknown force, his heart was consumed with bold courage, and he believed that he would be able to do everything, to overcome everything, and to achieve everything this night.
This is why it’s impossible to take seriously the winpy, flaccid communism of university student cadres, 23 percent of a certain large European state which always know better than our REPUGS, or even actual graduates. It’s enduring legacy is the emotional committment as well as the physical benefits of hard work. The truism that there will eventually be nothing left to distribute includes happiness and material comfort that the bosses can rob us of!
…when the individual controls his own property, he can dispense it or overcome it, in order to achieve self-transcendence and reach the heights of self-perfection. When nothing of one's own is available or even imaginable, then the process works backwards, and the individual descends to the realm of self-abasement, experienced as an inability to control even oneself. The path from one's own thing leads to one's own soul, but from a thing not one's own, the path leads to someone else's soul, to the soul of a robot that slams its sledge or wedge into whatever object is placed before it. In Russia, we say that this kind of person works as if he has been "wound up" (kak zavedennyi).

Such labor is a convenient way of blinding oneself, satisfying a maniacal need to do something, to be occupied; it is a formula for self-depletion. The individual is not in control, but in thrall to the devil of labor who instructs him: "smash, slash, chop" or "fry, shred, season." The more physically debilitating the work, the easier it is to forget yourself in it, to chase away importunate thoughts of death, to kill exhausting blocks of time. Labor becomes a wonderful means of self-abnegation, the truest desire of a despairing soul. Through intercourse with an object our tormenting humanity is forgotten.
Get Angry, People!