Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why Microsoft is a public good

I have been reading alot lately about the computer company Microsoft being characterized as a monopoly. Well, I agree. Fortunately I use an entirely recycled personal computer. The operating system I use is basically a 'home brew' created by a local pc-smith. Sure I paid more for the system but I would rather my hard earned money going to local providers of all services. Take that Radio Shack!

Back to Microsoft, they really have this liberal angry! Here is a dominant company which is publicly traded and sells its product to the public yet ownership is private. Why is this? Microsoft has become a public good much along the lines of a public utility.

The best remedy to ensure equal access to the 'information speedway' is to regulate Microsoft as a public-private company. Since computers are global in scope the best and most efficient body to handle the development of Microsoft is without a doubt the United Nations. The UN can ensure that all cultural, linguistic, and access needs are given priority for Microsoft products. They can also subsidize the price so the costs of buying Microsoft products will be cheaper.

This is a win-win-win idea for the greater good of all citizens of planet earth. With the profits generated by this innovative approach, the UN can fund the much needed (yet neglected) programs it offers to the less fortunate among us.

Come on liberals, lets get started!

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