Sunday, August 21, 2011

But only with my right hand

Infidel Dogs, Have you not learned your lesson from the Glorious Islamic Victory at the Battle of Omdurman? Do you want your bones to bleach in the sun after another one of your military catastrophes? Bah, your guns, bombs and fake Polio vaccines are of no use against the Holy Muhajadeen.

Hah, we can beat you with one hand tied behind our back (it would have to be our non-buttwiping hand of course). You are soft and decadent also fat, fat, fat from eating the supersized McDonalds hamburgers. I ask you, what kind of moron calls ground up beef ham? The kind of moron that always loses wars against the steel will of Arab manhood and then lies on their CNN about victory I say!You must protest to your government to prevent this agression against the peaceful people of the Sudan. Know that us Sons of the Desert, while pacifistic at heart, do not take insults to our honor lightly and will commence sawing off heads if our just demands are not met!

A guest post by Abdullah

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