Friday, August 19, 2011

Putting People Ahead of Profits

It is rare that I find fault with anything proposed in Europe. Government and political leaders in Europe realize that it is people and not profits which is the measuring stick of a successful community to function. From job-security to free healthcare, European ideals are not just European, they are universal rights!

I hope the enlightened leadership of Europe is not slipping:

A panel debate on eco-innovation at the summit on 16 March concentrated heavily on energy issues.

Introducing the debate, environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas said EU eco-industries were already in a strong position, making up "one third of the global market" and representing "over 2% of the EU's GDP". But, he added, Europe cannot be complacent, since other countries were rapidly catching up. "Japan is already ahead in the design of hybrid cars. Brazil leads the world in the bio-fuels market," he underlined.

Nothing gets this liberal more angry than reading about the environment and profits, in the same article. Look, I think everyone agrees that our environment is a mess. We have reached the tipping point of global warming and there is no turning back. When I see sensible people in Europe worried about making sure that environmental programs are profitable, my blood pressure really shoots up!

The environment is a community issue. Everyone around the world agrees on that much! It is time to put people ahead of profits. People of all races, genders, and faiths agree on that much! We can pay higher taxes to fund these crucial programs. For all you greedy types out there a little bit of advice from the angry liberal himself, taxes are the cost of living in a civil society.

Wake up liberals!!

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Daedalus said...

Europe is kind of messed up these days. Too many free-market nazis are running things these days. If things continue like this, we'll be seeing "in god we trust" on euro notes, god being, of course, profits, just like here in the good old U.S. of A.