Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chirac is truly great man

Infidel Dogs, It is good to know that Obama, truly a great man rather than a pig of a crusader, understands that the Religion of Peace and Tolerance is far superior to any thing else and should be supported. After all, if it were not for Moslems bringing civilization to all the world, for example by inventing numbers and algebra and computers, the world would be a dark and barbaric place indeed. For that alone you should labor like the slaves you are to fund the glory that is Islam. And labor with a smile on your ape-like faces or else! Please, you layabouts would be much happier if you stopped whining on this blog about your pathetic infidel lifes and work hard to support the Ummah. Have you not even a shred of pride? While you're at it... I demand you put burkas on your sluttish sisters, wives and mothers. It is intolerant to offend us Mujahadeen with ankle skin and what-not. If you don't have a burka, at least cut some holes in a garbage bag and cover your whores.

A guest post by Abdullah

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