Thursday, August 11, 2011

Democracy is for Infidel Rats and Apes

Infidel Dogs,

And what is wrong with the wise platform of this new party in the Wadi of the Netherlands? Did not the great Imam Khomeini have this to say about sex with children, "A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby. However, he should not penetrate. If he penetrates and the child is harmed then he should be responsible for her subsistence all her life.
This girl, however would not count as one of his four permanent wives. The man will not be eligible to marry the girl's sister.

"As for sex with animals did he not say, "The meat of horses, mules, or donkeys is not recommended. It is strictly forbidden if the animal was sodomized while alive by a man. In that case, the animal must be taken outside the city and sold. "If one commits an act of sodomy with a cow, a ewe, or a camel, their urine and their excrements become impure, and even their milk may no longer be consumed.
The animal must then be killed as quickly as possible and burned, and the price of it paid to its owner by him who sodomized it." It is forbidden to consume the excrement of animals or their nasal secretions. But if such are mixed in minute proportions into other foods their consumption is not forbidden. "If a man (God protect him from it!) fornicates with an animal and ejaculates, ablution is necessary."

Verily, Muslims are the people who brought all advancement, for example algebara, medicine and the invention of vacuum tubes, to the dimwitted kafirs. For this reason alone you should understand that our morals and culture have always been, and will always be, far superior to the corrupted antics of you sons of pigs and monkeys.

Democracy is itself the spawn of Satan. However, if you chose to caste yourself into hell's fires by voting, I demand that you vote for this enlightened party in the next election.

A guest post by Abdullah

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