Saturday, August 13, 2011

Leave this Shaheen Mother alone

Infidel Dogs, You will cease making fun of Mother Sheehan. She is a fine woman and her political views are must acceptable. It is rare to find such an intelligent woman, and we know women are so naturally stupid they need to be beat regularly. Indeed, her moral stance of condemning her misguided Crusader son is almost as admirable as that of the Palestinian Mothers who celebrate their matyr son's attacks on nefarious and corrupt pizza parlors. Who can not but crumble before the moral authority of such a mothers love? Why, she is such a fine woman I would gladly pay a dowry of 10 goats, 20 bushels of dates, and a Yugo sedan for her hand in marriage. In fact, she is such a beautiful soul that it would pain me to put the needed bag over her head, but of course removing such a beguiling temptress from public view would be doing Allah's will. So I demand, in defense of my human right not to be offended, that you cease your mocking of this woman immediately or your city will burn as your streets run with kafir blood.

A guest post by Abdullah

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