Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Be Warm in Charity

Infidel Dogs,

Praise be to Allah, but your words are pleasing. They were like poetry and each thing you said was true. Indeed, the muhajadeen, if they were armed with tanks, rocket planes and the bombs with the electric eyeballs in them would sweep the Crusaders from all of the earth and peace would at last reign. Well, peace would reign after the faithful slaughtered the apostate Shias and Suffis, but that is another matter. Alas, we but are poor Sons of the Desert. All we have is oil, and the proceeds of that must go to important things -- like paying mullahs to spread the word of our peaceful religion, and also the purchasing of bomb belts, RPGs and cameras for us to record head removals. Perhaps you could do your impoverished Islamic friends a favor and buy us an anti-aircraft battery or two?

We come in Peace.

- A guest post by Abdullah

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