Tuesday, September 06, 2011

That Time of The Year Again

Well, we all know what time of the year it is. Now, now hear me out before you get all reactionary. Everyone knows the Waynester is an ardent environmentalists. I feel that being one with nature is the absolute only way the collective "we" can ever begin to learn to release our inner-nurturer.

Each year on New Years Eve we are witness to and virtually participate in a destruction on a global scale. I am talking about the so-called waste of energy and natural resources (yes, they are nature's resources. NOT OURS!!!) on the ball drop and neon which is Times Square. I know that Manhattan is the center of progrssive learning, culture, and knowledge. However, it blows my mind that such a group of clear-feeling and sound people can act in such a destructive manner. People have told me the crowds filling Times Square and cheering the unwraught destruction are mainly tourists (probably from the South, thanks again Bush!). Still, somebody should DO SOMETHING.

This is the environment we are talking about people. TAKE ACTION, GET ANGRY OUT THERE.

Don't worry it has not escaped my attention that this whole environmental destruction in New York really took off after Skylab was mysteriously dropped out of the sky. Just after discovering the still-growing ozone hole. Quickly followed by the concerted (and still unsolved) assassination of John Lennon. You connect the dots.

A hint from the Waynester, RONALD REAGAN WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN ELECTED HAD LENNON NOT BEEN SHOT. All too convienient for the press to give BushCo a lietime pass on answering any questions about Harkin Energy.

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